School holidays and my writing productivity

I think it’s safe to say that school holidays severely affect my writing productivity. Ice storms and power outages don’t help.

Or maybe that’s just an excuse. I haven’t been writing well on the weekends of late either, although I’ve proven to myself on more than one occasion that I can write just fine when the kids are home. I just have to be in the right spot mentally.

Apparently, these last few days, I haven’t been. Here’s the thing: I didn’t mention it last week but I had a kid home sick on Thursday and Friday while I was still getting over my own cold. I’m looking back and thinking that maybe my lack of progress making myself write might have more to do with those kinds of distractions than just because I’d been sick.

As for the power outages, the power has only been out for about an hour and a half total since the icy weather started. Nope, I can’t blame the ice nor the power for the lack of writing today.

I just can’t seem to get started on this book again. I know I have no idea where I’m going with this story, but if I sat down and started writing, I also know that something would come to me.

I’m off to bed now, but tomorrow I’m going to try again to restart the writing. My computer is fully charged. Even if there’s another power outage, I should have enough power to write at least a couple thousand words tomorrow if I can just get started.

I’m definitely going to spend some time brainstorming how I can make tomorrow a better writing day than today. Then again, any writing tomorrow is going to be better than the no writing of today!