Should I declutter my blog for the new year?

I think the way I’d do it would be to turn all my posts up until now into pending posts (so they don’t clutter my drafts) with the intent to delete them if I don’t have second thoughts after a bit of time. Because although I enjoy blogging here, I’m not that sure I want this stuff to linger in perpetuity. ;)

I’m feeling antsy right now. I didn’t get off to a good start with my writing today. I finished only one session this morning and now I’m hesitating to get going on my second one, for some unidentified reason. Besides that, I wrote on the wrong book this morning. I mean wrong, because it’s the second to last book on my list of books to write in 2015. Meaning there are 19 books of various lengths I want to finish before I finish this one. Yeah, like I said, wrong book.

It’s turning out to be that kind of day, which sucks, because I have to write my words today or I’ll actually be behind.

You see, I’m not really behind right now, even though I’ve only written 3,650 words this year so far. That’s because during that time I spent on January 1 setting up my production schedule, I gave myself 8 weeks off writing this year if I want to take them and one of those weeks just happened to be New Year’s week. So today is my first actual writing day in 2015.

I don’t think it would be good for my mental fortitude to slip today of all days.

Why would I want to declutter my blog?—that’s the question I’m asking myself right now and I’m not all that sure about the answer. I’d better back away from this post and have lunch, then try to get myself settled in to finish my last 4 sessions actually writing one of the right books.