Sick day… lesson learned… again… so maybe not

I feel like I’m getting a head cold, and I blame the lack of sleep.

I stayed up too late too many days last week and the weekend and now I’m sick. I can’t actually say with certainty that’s why, but I’ve managed to avoid getting sick with lots of the colds and other more unmentionable illnesses everyone around me has suffered through, until now.

Today I’m taking another day off. I say “another” because I wrote only 324 words yesterday (in one 50 minute session) because I stayed up too late into the morning the night before and didn’t feel so well yesterday either. I’ll tinker today and get enough to keep my streak alive, but I think I’m going to nap.

No more staying up late, because I’m never able to make up the sleep the next morning. Lesson learned. Again.