Site Focus Redux

LOL. I wrote this… And of course, I immediately started thinking about what topic I would pursue if I could honestly make money from anything I enjoyed learning about. Geology popped into my head immediately. That’s one of my few regrets in life, changing my major in college from geology to accounting. I mean, what the heck was I thinking at the time?

I’m not obsessed with geology, but I am fascinated by natural disasters of a geological nature like earthquakes and volcanoes. In fact, I once started writing a novel of fiction about the possibility of a super-eruption at Yellowstone. I even did some research. LOL. Famous author Harry Turtledove has officially beat me to the punch though, so I guess that’s okay. The world doesn’t need two. ;-)

I could devote some time to writing about and collecting news around the topic of geology and natural disasters without much effort spent to motivate myself.

And that IS a problem I have with a lot of the stuff I write currently. It’s just plain drudgery, not much better than the job I have that I’m no longer happy working.

I swear, I almost bought a domain for this before I came up on the brick wall of having to pick a domain name for this unnamed, insane project that would suck up too much of my time when I need not another 10 year website project, but something that would pay dividends much more quickly. Oops.

Sometimes I hate inspiration.

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2 thoughts on “Site Focus Redux”

  1. You should totally do a site on Geology. I saw your post about all the used up domain names, but people are so comfortable with any domain now, so don’t feel constrained if you can’t get the .com.

    I like to use to find domains.

    For example, is available. Pretty cool domain IMO.

    1. If only I had been so creative! LOL. That’s a super cool name though. I ended up with two options and I haven’t settled on one yet but I’m already working on the bones of the site. Thanks for the comment and the place to find domain names. Really cool. I had to do some research because I had no idea what the .gy tld stood for. Found it on Wikipedia.

      Guyana (Listeni/ɡaɪˈænə/ gy-AN-ə),[6] officially the Co-operative Republic of Guyana,[1] previously the colony of British Guiana, is a sovereign state on the northern coast of South America that is culturally part of the Anglophone Caribbean.

      Learn something new every day. :-)

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