Still editing…

A small update of how the edits are going.

Screenshot of editing time spreadsheet

See that outlined box (the one that says 44.16667)? Those are the hours my spreadsheet estimates this edit will take me to finish.

That’s all because the edits so far have been outrageously time consuming. I’m very hopeful that’s all about to come to an end though (maybe an hour to go) and I’ll be back to doing my normal style of proofreading edit, which will drive down the editing time to go and make this a more reasonable estimate.

The reading estimate, on the other hand, is very accurate, based on current reading speeds. So the only way to improve on that will be to start reading faster, which I won’t be doing, or highlighting less (because it takes time away from the reading flow and slows me down). The highlighting less could happen, if the rest of the book has fewer mistakes to be corrected. :)

No doubt about it though. I will be reading at least the opening one more time after this, which will add to the total time, because I can’t make these kinds of changes and not do another typo check. :D

Changes always introduce new errors. Therefore, I always try to reread anything I’ve touched for more than a simple typo correction before I claim the book is done.

Now, back to work for me! I have lots of stuff to do. :)