Still working on that ending

But hey at least I’m working. I’m still having trouble getting “enough” done that I feel I can use my computer for other stuff, so here I am on my Kindle again. I was sick yesterday so I have an excuse, but I actually did pretty good anyway.

The ending of the novella is making me crazy, though. I deleted so much yesterday, that who knows what my word count might have been. :) I ended up with about 1,200. I’ll post my actual on the accountability page when I can.

I still have so much to delete if the new ending goes the way I think it will. I had to go back one more chapter, and start over there, so now I’ve lost three chapters of about 2,500 words each. I’ve rewritten from scratch a couple of those chapters so many times over the last few months that I’ve lost count.

There’s good news though! If I don’t mostly finish this thing today, I’m scrapping it. I already expect it to be a low seller—I’m not wasting any more time on it. :D

Off to write! I’ve gotta get busy, because I have kids home again and I can’t be a shut-in any longer. They need food for the week. ;)