Accountability check-in: 12-month 1,180,000 words challenge

Time for some accountability for my 12-month 1,180,000 words challenge. So far, I’ve made a ridiculously small amount of progress towards that big challenge. My 2016 word count to date is 34,615. That’s, uh, not good. If 2016 was the beginning of that challenge (and originally it was) I should be sitting at 290,958 words. So,Continue reading “Accountability check-in: 12-month 1,180,000 words challenge”

Less time, more words; goal today is 4,526 words in 5 hours

Today’s goal 5 hours / 4,526 words / 905 WPH (still practicing: less time, more words) (I should make that my new mantra: less time, more words) Hour 1: 800 Hour 2: 538 (Uh oh. That’s way too slow to reach my goal.) Hour 3: 1,025 (That’s more like it!) Hour 4: DNF (explanation below) Hour 5: DNFContinue reading “Less time, more words; goal today is 4,526 words in 5 hours”

Getting started when I have other things to do today

Today, I have a lunch date to keep. I find that when I have things to do, I usually have a lot more trouble focusing. I’m also getting started late, because I spent two hours on a thing that I was sure would take me no more than half an hour to do. Also, I’ve hadContinue reading “Getting started when I have other things to do today”

Looking forward: plans for 2016

I posted about my new plans for the year in another post and then decided I should highlight them in a post of their own. Last night I sat down and reevaluated. I decided I absolutely didn’t want to give up on my big plans for the year, despite the month and a half I’veContinue reading “Looking forward: plans for 2016”

If you don’t look, it’s not real, right?

You know how you avoid looking at your schedule and the clock because you know if you do, you’ll find out it’s way past time for you to start writing on the new schedule you made for yourself last night and how you get this feeling that as long as you don’t look, you haven’t screwedContinue reading “If you don’t look, it’s not real, right?”

Two minute rule

I meant to mention this earlier, but I started a two minute rule on Tuesday (2/2). The rule is that I write for two minutes absolutely every day, no exceptions. There are no exceptions because—seriously—it’s only two minutes. Except in truly tragic circumstances, it’s just unlikely I’ll ever have any legit excuse to skip a two minuteContinue reading “Two minute rule”

Finish the next book challenge: 42,000 words in 10 days

I need to finish my next book. That’d be about 42,000 words, and to finish on time to publish when I’d like to publish, that gives me about 10 days to write them. Uh. I’d better get started. I’ve puttered around long enough since I finished the last one. It won’t require anything more fromContinue reading “Finish the next book challenge: 42,000 words in 10 days”

Didn’t finish the book but I did break the record

Yesterday, I was trying both to break my one-day word count record and finish a book. I didn’t finish the book, but I did break the record. I wrote 5,758 words yesterday! I’m very proud of them. :) Today I try again to finish this book. I think I can. It feels like I’m almostContinue reading “Didn’t finish the book but I did break the record”

What is a reasonable daily word count goal?

I had to spend some time researching this, because the fact is, I have no idea how to set reasonable goals for myself. In the end, I didn’t find much helpful information out there and that’s probably because the answer depends on who’s asking the question. In trying to nail down a reasonable goal forContinue reading “What is a reasonable daily word count goal?”

Challenges for the win

I wrote “the year of the schedule is sputtering to an end” and immediately thought about my “no more zero word days” challenge and how it’s still pushing me to write something every day even when I really, really don’t want to. Last night was absolutely painful getting the words down. I was tired after spending moreContinue reading “Challenges for the win”

Update on “no more zero word days” restart

I restarted my “no more zero word days” challenge on Thursday and I thought I’d let you know how it’s going. In case you care. You probably don’t. But I do, so there. ;) Thurs. 125 Fri. 60 Sat. 1,270 Sun. 631 Mon. 158 If it hadn’t been for the “no more zero word days”Continue reading “Update on “no more zero word days” restart”