Less time, more words; goal today is 4,526 words in 5 hours

Today’s goal

5 hours / 4,526 words / 905 WPH (still practicing: less time, more words) (I should make that my new mantra: less time, more words)

Hour 1: 800
Hour 2: 538 (Uh oh. That’s way too slow to reach my goal.)
Hour 3: 1,025 (That’s more like it!)
Hour 4: DNF (explanation below)
Hour 5: DNF (explanation below)
Extra hour?:

I have proven to myself several times over the last few successful days of writing that the caffeine was probably not the reason why I was hitting +1,000 WPH on this book a few weeks ago (before I decided to quit caffeine again). Whew. Gotta say I was a bit worried about that.

Well, I’m sorry to say I took a break after that last session, started reading a book as a way to clear my head a bit before I got back to work, and then just kept reading. It’s now 10:39 and there’s no time to get back to writing because I was supposed to get to bed 39 minutes ago (can’t get up at 6 every day if I don’t go to bed early enough to get my 8 hours!). On the other hand, I finished the book. The one I was reading, that is. :D I only wish I’d finished the one I am writing.

I tried to feel guilty for today’s disappointing results, but eh, I need to read more fiction right now anyway. It helps me enjoy writing more.

I could use some of that right now. :)

But that’s it for me. Tomorrow I’ll try again to do better with the schedule and with the words.

Here are the numbers.

Saturday’s session log

Minutes Words Session WPH
60 800 800 800
60 1,338 538 538
60 2,363 1,025 1,025