The new book is doing okay

So I was worried about the new book, but it’s actually doing okay. :)

These are category lists, not the whole store. I’d be dying here if this was my book’s rank in the whole store. ;)

The book is $6.99 and has been from the moment I published it, so these numbers show that you don’t have to price super low to get into the top 100 genre lists. The #68 is only two categories deep.

On the other hand, my books never seem to get sticky, so I don’t expect it to last more than a few more days.

I think my last release in this series was doing a bit better than this one at this point, but it’s been 7 months between novels so I’ll just blame it on that. :) (My other last novel was the first book under a different pen name, so no Amazon algo love for that one.)

Update Friday Morning

Amazon Rank ScreencapThis morning the book is doing a little better than it was last night, so I thought I’d screenshot it for an update.

Of note, I thought only one of those rankings was 2 categories deep, but it’s actually 2 of them.