Time for a Personal Challenge

UPDATE: I’m putting off the start of this until tomorrow. I did get 227 words today though, so yay for that! Tomorrow there won’t be any allowance for exceptions, so I’ll either succeed or fail.

3 days – 2,000 words or more, every day.

Now, caveat. On day 2, I have a funeral to go to, and my kids will return home in the evening after a week away. On day 3, I have to go to a birthday party for my 80 year old grandmother and then to a baby shower.

Getting 2,000 words done around these events could become stressful. I still don’t want to wait to start. I need to start producing words regularly, daily, and 2,000 is doable, even writing slowly. I will need about 4 hours a day to get this done, and honestly, I can’t expect everything in my life to just stop so I can write all day every day. Even if I might prefer it that way. :D

I fight against structure so hard you would think I should have whiplash by now. Some days I feel it, no kidding. :D If I can’t make a decent routine work for me, then I have to find something that will work. :) A word goal is what I decided would be my best bet. I haven’t changed my mind. Long-term, I don’t expect to write every day, but the reality is I do need to write most days.

Also, I need to start using my work space more. My days are just one big blog lately, and I still think I need some kind of structure even if the routines and schedules haven’t worked well for me.