Today’s goal: 625 words x 5

** Well, I’m still at 552, so I’m going to save this for tomorrow and try again. Right now I’m just hoping to work up the energy to finish the night above 1,000. :D **

Basically, I want a repeat of yesterday. I started not to create this post, but with that sense of urgency gone (I get anxious to post an update but know I can’t until I finish something update-worthy) I found myself staring at my spreadsheet and feeling no push to get started at all.

So, here I am. I have a lot of books I want to write this year and they won’t write themselves.

Goal 1— 625 (at 552)
Goal 2— 1250
Goal 3— 1875
Goal 4— 2500
Goal 5— 3125

I’m writing in 1h 15m sessions where the goal is 500 wph. Honestly, I’m enjoying this session length so much I’d like this to be my regular routine. When I’m not on a deadline, this will fit right in with my morning and evening writing routine I love so much. 2 sessions first thing and 2 sessions last thing. It adds up to just 40 more minutes of writing a day than my original goal and I can use those to catch up on my goal for a 2k daily average for the year. And when I don’t get to the evening session, I’ll still have written over a thousand words and that’s nothing to snort about. Now, for fresh tea and getting started…


I’ll be back in about an hour and a half to update my progress.

Goal 1: First session went too slow and I only made it to 552 words. My pace was way off yesterday’s for my first session. By this time yesterday, I was also already well into my second session. My late start might be the problem or it might just be the fact that I came up a couple of hours short of sleep last night. I tried to get an extra hour or so of sleep this morning the same as I did yesterday, but I couldn’t. I do think it’s affecting my thinking and my stamina. I’m really not liking this time change after all. It didn’t seem to affect me the first day but now I’m really feeling it. I’m getting tired of yawning. It might be time for a quick refresher nap if I can manage it. It’ll put be further behind but it might speed up my writing enough to make up for that. Worth a shot anyway. ;)