Skip reading the book and just write

Yesterday, I had planned to read through my entire book (in about 3 hours) to get the story back into my head. I didn’t do it. I can’t explain why, because I don’t really know. I just didn’t do it.

Today I don’t want to do it. I want to write. So that’s what I’m going to do. I’ll reread what’s necessary to go forward with the story, and read the rest later tonight (maybe).

It’s 8 am. My phone alarm just went off, so I’ll give myself 5 minutes to finish this post and then I am switching immediately to my book’s Word doc and getting to work.*

9:15 am–12:15 pm
2:00–3:00 pm

*Oops. This took longer than expected so I adjusted my start times to match reality. :)

Now, time to get to work.

11:30 am: Crap! I got busy figuring out the titles for my upcoming books in a couple of my series and adding them to my word count spreadsheet and I totally screwed up my morning writing time schedule. So… resetting myself here and I’m going to break for lunch, then come back to it. I’m still planning to write for 4 hours despite screwing up this morning. Today is actually not a bad day to screw up the schedule because I have extra time this evening to myself that I can use to make sure I get in my 4 hours.

1–4 pm
5–6 pm

I’ll be back to update when I start writing (after I get something to report, I should say.) :)

2:23 pm: I’m 45 minutes in (the rest of the time I’ve wasted on breaks) and at 267 words. I’d be sad, but the fact is, the story has been stalled for a good long time (more than 2 months) so I’m just glad it’s moving. I will say I need to write myself out of this scene I’m in ASAP. It’s really not working for me!

9:45 pm: Alright. I really didn’t work as hard as I should have today. I gave up early and never even bothered with the last hour at all. Just didn’t do it. The earlier writing was a huge struggle—I managed 308 words in 47 long minutes. Still, for having been away for so long, I think I made progress. I’m going to take it and try again to do better tomorrow. See you then.