Trying Again to Finish the Book

Here goes another push to finish that book. I wrote 2,966 words yesterday and I’m now 2,897 past the word count goal I had for this story. There’s good new though, because I am seriously just about done. :D No extra twenty-something thousand words for this one. Yeah!!

Anyway, getting busy this morning. I have lots to do, and only part of that “lots” is finishing the writing of this book. :)

Note to future self: NO MORE PUBLIC DEADLINES.

I don’t mind personal, private deadlines, but these things that are sitting out there mocking me in public? Yeah, I think I’ll pass on that next time. I keep saying no more deadlines and I keep setting them anyway, but this time I really mean it! ;) REALLY.

Update. I used a 1 hour timer and I finished right on time but the ending doesn’t feel quite right. I’ll wait and see if it’s just me when I do my read through. I might just be having trouble letting go of this story.