Two days off writing? Make that five, but it’s over now

On the 16th, I posted about my stumble. I finished that day with 1,752 words, and I was pretty happy with that, considering. Since then, I’ve worked on some publishing tasks, read a bunch of books (seriously, 3 in just one day this week), and—well, that’s it. When I haven’t been working on the publishing stuff, I’ve been reading. I binge. Read, write, whatever. I work best when I binge on work.

So my planned 2 day break for publishing stuff turned into a 5 day break, because of all that reading and my own reluctance to dig into the publishing stuff.

But it’s finally done. I finished up the last of the publishing stuff today, and although it’s a bit late to really go for a lot of words, I’d still like to write more than the 172 words I wrote the moment I finished the publishing stuff. I was anxious to get back to it—and I’d like to hang on to that feeling. I worry that if I relax too much right now, tomorrow I’ll feel pressured to get started again. I don’t want pressure. I want desire. Right now, despite the fact that I’m feeling kind of pooped and stressed, I have desire. So writing it is. :)

I think I’ll aim for a solid hour of writing. Maybe two, but one for sure. I’d just like to cross the 1,000 word mark for the day.


Unfortunately for my writing, I had an unexpected interruption that pretty much finished my day for me. I was bummed, but hey, it wasn’t the end of the world. I finished with 245 words.