Uh . . . what plan?

Today I had planned to get started precisely at 9 am. It’s now 10:29 and I’ve been reading fiction instead and wondering why I can’t seem to get started this morning. I have a plot problem I can’t figure out. I feel a bit too tired to wrap my head around it this morning.

Wrong attitude, I know.

But I’d really rather be reading and napping. Yes, already. I’m tired after a crazy night chasing down a bad battery in one of my home’s smoke detectors. In the middle of the night. Up the stairs and down the stairs, with the stepladder. More than once. More than four times, in fact. I did use the word crazy. ;D

I think I’ll take the morning off and tackle this plot issue after my lunch break at 1 pm sharp. Until then, I think I’m going to sit back with a good book.

Oh, and no more WiFi during writing time! It’s seriously not working for me to have it on.