What’s the Purpose of This Blog?

I’m not that sure most days. I do think I’m done with the blogging about my word counts and progress and the like, because I sometimes enjoy it but mostly I’m positive it’s boring to read. I can journal my writing day in private and be a lot more forthcoming about things that I’m struggling with or that I need to work out.

It’s just … I don’t see a lot of point to this blog. It doesn’t really help me write more fiction and it doesn’t always make me feel good or optimistic about my goals.

But if I stop writing about my word counts and the like, I doubt I’ll write about much of anything on this blog, and it will have no purpose at all.

So I guess that’s my answer. There is no purpose for this blog.

Update (7 days later, after coming to the realization that sometimes things don’t have to have a purpose other people understand)—

This is a purpose for this blog … whatever purpose I want it to have.