Won’t let a late start slow me down: I’m going to write 3,000 words today

Caveat: I’m trying to finish a book, so if I finish it before I reach 3,000 words today, I’m calling it a win, full stop. :D

I meant to start writing much earlier today. I’m very happy with my progress now that I’ve gotten into a groove with the 500 words a day challenge (let’s just call it that for ease of reference), but I have goals and that 500 words a day isn’t a goal. It’s a daily minimum requirement. Not the same thing at all.

Because I want to finish this book ASAP and move on to something new, I’m planning to write 3,000 words tonight, despite the fact that I’ve put off starting until now, at 4:50 p.m.


I went into this whose spiel about how I was going to do this, but axed it.

It doesn’t matter how I think I’m going to do this. I’m just going to start writing and do it.

I’ll be back later to post updates, because I love posting updates. :)


#1 – Not going well. My word counts are terrible because I’ve spent most of my time rethinking/rewriting/redrafting the scene I should have finished already. It’s kicking my butt.

#2 – Well, I’m up to 332 words. I stopped counting the time and I’ve just been writing, trying to get this pain in the butt scene right.

Final – I made it to 503 but it was hard! I deleted so much stuff that I had to write a lot more than 503 just to get there. But I did. :-)

Now, to stop this rewriting bullshit and get this book done tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Won’t let a late start slow me down: I’m going to write 3,000 words today”

  1. Mwahahaaaarghh! That’s exactly what I did. Nothing for the first three days. I have caught up now though but only because I plotted it to death this year so I could write it without having to think too much. Not 100% certain I will be able to keep up the pace but I’m going to have a go anyway. The tricky but is that I can only guarantee Fridays and Tuesdays to write so the gap between the two can be daunting. It Makes Monday’s and Thursday’s a bit dispiriting.



    1. Are you talking NaNoWriMo? I’m supposed to be working on a book for it, but my current book has gone long and is just being a pain in my butt to finish. I still hope to start and finish my NANO book but the fact is it’s starting to look unlikely unless I fall into some opposite world universe in which I write loads of words every day!

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