Word count post for Nov. 13, 2016

3,113 words.

Daily average since 9/19: 965 words.

I’m 57,002 words down from 9/19 and a 2,000 word average. That sounds pretty bad, but doing the numbers made me realize I can recover from this in less than 90 days with just an additional 635 words a day. So although I’m not making the catch up for words a priority, it is nice to know it’s not some insurmountable goal. And it’s reachable with no change in plan at all, because my plan is to have more average and moderate word days than not and monitor my average to see how well I’m doing. As long as I don’t reset my start date (9/19, which I’m not planning to do), a 2,000 word average will mean I’ve recovered.