Writing: July 15, Wednesday (2015)

I’m writing this on my phone, because if I go on my computer I will get sucked in and end up wasting my writing time. The voice recognition on my phone doesn’t like my accent that well. I’ll correct any major issues later because my phone does not make editing easy.

It’s 11 o’clock and I just lost about an hour of time trying to get one of the Lightning Deals on Amazon but the site was having trouble.

Anyway, no more of that crap. ;) I have lots of writing to do!

I got started at 9 o’clock this morning. I put in edits, & I ended up with 110 words. Then instead of getting started writing on that particular story I went ahead and moved to another story and put edits in on it. I ended up with seven additional words, lol.

Now it’s time to go back to the first story and work on it. I’m trying to finish it today because it’s a short story so that I can move on to something else.

I stayed up quite late last night trying to fix myself a production schedule and do some thinking about what I planned. That means I’m short of sleep, and that has a tendency to make me unfocused.

I’m going to be fighting that all day, but I think it’s worth it because I did come to some nice realizations last night, and I did get a nice production schedule laid out.

12 PM: 316 words

I was just starting to get into new material when the alarm for my hour break went off.

3:06 PM: No progress

I’m not doing well sticking to the writing today. I’m feeling all messed up and hung out to dry and maybe it’s lack of sleep, but I have a hunch it’s related to visiting a certain forum too often lately. Ugh. I’ve got to learn to let this stuff go! Anxiety makes it so hard for me to write, and I have no idea why I get anxious reading forums anyway. It might be the conflict. Conflict makes me so nervous. I get a sick stomach. In fact, I have one now, because I posted! I shouldn’t have posted! I can’t really delete it now though.

Thank God I’m mostly anonymous, because you know what? Most writers are assholes. :D I’m probably one too. I have a high opinion of my work, and I pretty much always think my opinion is the most reasoned. I should ignore the fact that I wrote something there and get back to writing my books. I really wanted to write so many words today.

Oh, oh, oh. I should pull up my hosts file and block the site. That’s about the best way I know of to take care of that kind of thing. The only problem is that when I do that I’ve usually just posted something and I end up unblocking it so I can respond. Nope. I need to make a rule and then let it go.

New rule: I can only visit that forum (and the TPV blog, because I waste a lot of time there!) between 8–9 PM and only if I don’t have something I’d be better off doing. If I’m tired and have already called it a night, sure. If I just want to procrastinate on doing something I have the energy to do and should really be doing, then no visit. :D

Is that rule too complicated to be successful?

Nah. I can make it work.

I need to start a series of posts that keep me accountable for all these little rules I have. And my schedule. And other stuff. What’s a blog for anyway? Well, this one’s an exercise in egotism, mostly. ;)

And holy crap. Look at the time. It’s 3:52 and all I’ve accomplished here is a long ramble about my anxiety issues. :o Back to work!