Writing: July 22, 2015, Wednesday

9:49 am

Late start this morning. I can only blame myself because I sat down to write right at 9 am. WIFI going off as soon as I save this post. I feel really focused this morning with my plan. Stick to the schedule. Devote myself to the next book in my highest earning series. Maybe get some time to write on a different book this afternoon if this morning goes well. Here I go!

11:25 am

No words yet! More messing around after I made fresh tea. I’m not sure what’s going on but I think I’m past it now. I’m getting started.

1:48 pm

I’m at 181 words for the day. :o

3:42 pm

At 438 words for the day so far. It’s not more because I napped. I didn’t mean to, except that I really did because I got so sleepy sitting here that my head actually nodded. So I reared back in my seat and closed my eyes for a quick nap. It’s only 15 minutes until 4 pm but I might keep going after that.

3:56 pm

I stopped with 460 words for the day. Getting back into something I haven’t written on in a week just about always takes me a while. I also wrote a novelette in the meantime, and that didn’t help either. Because I didn’t keep working on this story while I wrote the other, I lost my focus on it.