Writing plan for Oct. 13, 2016

So today I plan to write, despite feeling a bit icky. I have a headache and I’m unusually tired, considering I had a full night’s sleep. Probably the reduction in caffeine after a week of too much of it. :o

I’m going to continue cutting back. I haven’t decided to quit again, just do a better job not overdoing it. I switched to decaf again, so I don’t have to resist the urge to drink coffee while cutting back, and that leaves only my sweet tea and green tea as main sources to watch out for while I drink just enough to feel better.

Okay, enough of that. I have a plan to write a lot of words over the next week, about 20,325 in six days to be exact. If I don’t hit my goal today, I’ll have to scrap the plan. It’s already much later than I had planned to start today and I don’t even know how that happened.

The plan*

50 minute sessions with a goal of 550 words per session.

11:00–3:00 (4 sessions: 2,200 words)
5–8 (3 sessions: 1,650 words)

I need to write 3,388 words today, and that writing schedule should get me there.

*I originally planned to start at 7:00 this morning, but I didn’t, so I just shifted the entire day’s schedule. I decided a while back that getting to my word count goals is more important than starting and stopping at a particular time.