Writing Without a Plan Today

I’m writing without a plan today. Well, mostly, because saying I’m writing without a plan is sort of a plan in itself. :D

My only goal is to enjoy a leisurely day of writing, to have fun with it and see where my stories take me. I’ll be using the timer when I write, because I’m still tracking my WPH for … whatever reason. I like it. I’ve deleted it from my spreadsheet several times, but each time, I ended up pulling the data off my backups and adding it back. This time it’s here to stay. I’m not deleting it again.

Anyway, I’m going to start writing here in a few minutes, probably after I finish my Lipton Orange Jasmine tea, and—

Okay, it’s now about an hour later, and I can tell you how that went… I looked up the actual title of the tea I drink (Lipton Orange Passionfruit Jasmine Green Tea), then decided I wanted to see the nutrition info and found out a cup has 35mg of caffeine in it. (My other favorite flavors have 22mg and 20mg so I might drink more of them going forward and less of the orange jasmine.) That led me to look up info on caffeine so I would know if 35mg was a lot or a little and that led me to click the bookmark for my pen name’s author site, which I then decided to update with a post about my upcoming book, which I then decided to also write something about the book I’m thinking about writing and I decided to post an excerpt for it for a show of interest…

And now I’m back. I actually caught this diversion of attention a little early! So, yay me! I did lose some time, but … getting that update on my author site isn’t really a waste of time so much as it was bad timing. I could’ve done that when I was tired and uninterested in writing.

But what’s done is done, so moving on!

I just clicked the “Strict Workflow” button on Chrome (which blocks a lot of tempting sites I added to the block list), and now I’m going to finish this post, get a new cup of tea, and start writing.

I discovered an interesting thing when I was updating my author site. I have no objectivity with my writing. When I wrote those pages, I thought they were awesome. A week or two later, I read back through them and though they were utterly stupid and that I would have to abandon the idea. Today, I read through them (it’s been about a month since I wrote them), and I loved them again.


Now, off for tea and writing. :)

Update (4 days later)—

All I know is that I have a big fat zero on my daily word count log for this day.