Yay for that, at least

I ended yesterday with 384 words. Considering I was up to 468 after two of my 40 minute sessions, that seems impossible, right? But nope, not impossible. I completed another 40 minute session but before I started it I deleted 349 words.

Boom, just gone.

I must have written a few hundred words there in that last session or I’d have ended the night with a lower word count than I did, so yay! for that.

On another note, today I plan to begin substituting the word “plan” anywhere I might be tempted to use the word “goal.” It’s a mind-trick I want to try out. We’ll see how it goes.

Also, today I will definitely be picking up the challenge I set out for myself last night but was unable to follow through on. I’m going to try to write as constantly as I can during my sessions, and stay away from the backspace or delete key as much as possible!, and see where that gets me. It’s going to be challenging, but if I don’t practice, I won’t improve.