Yesterday was a total bust; a challenge for today

Update: Nope. Didn’t work. I’m still struggling.

Too many distractions: the repairman didn’t leave until 7 PM. Well, one of them. The other left at 4:15. But I have A/C now! I’m loving it! I feel SO MUCH BETTER today. It’s really amazing.

Anyway, I also feel like I can accomplish anything I want right now and so I’m setting myself the goal of writing as much as I want today. :D

No interruptions expected other than comings and goings of family, and they’re on notice: I’m working on my books today!

A challenge for today

I’d like to finish this book I’ve been working on by Friday. That’s 3 days from now. At a minimum, I need 10,000 more words. I feel like the story might go long, so that might mean I need as many as 20,000 words. The longest book to date in this series is about 63,000 words, so maybe I’ll need 23,000 words, but I honestly do not want the book to go that long, and I don’t think it needs to.

Here’s the breakdown of what that all means if I want to finish this book in 3 days.

If I need… I need this many words per day
10,000 3,333
20,000 6,667
23,000 7,667

My plan is simple: Aim for my 5 hours—and 3,933 words—goal, and then try to get as many extra words as I can.

Hopefully, this will give me a finished book on Friday.

I will update my progress at the end of the day; I’m about to shut down my WIFI and I’m not going to turn it back on for a while.