Yesterday was not great; thoughts on rewriting

Yesterday was not great as a writing day. The details are there and there.

I ended the day with 354 words, which is better than none, I guess, but WOW. I think I like the scenes I rewrote better now than before, but the truth is, I’m not objective and I have no way to know if they’re objectively better. I meant to read through them last night but fell asleep before I even started, and I thought about rereading them this morning but decided that might not be a good idea AT ALL if I want to actually write a lot of words today (which I do).

What I did gain from this was a reminder that slow writing and rewriting both seem to introduce more errors and things in need of more rewriting than just writing something fast in the first place.

Not that I ever believed any different but the reminder was warranted. I have bad habits I need to overcome and sometimes I forget what those bad habits are.

Unfortunately, I can’t always write fast. I try but I get hung up on not knowing what to write next, or what I write next doesn’t feel right, so I start tinkering, and whammo. There I am, writing slow, or rewriting, and I’m stuck in the mire. Even when I realize that, it takes me a while to get my momentum back.

I don’t really know how to fix that. Maybe someday I’ll figure it out.