0 words yesterday

This isn’t the same post twice… or maybe it is. The fact is I’m not two days in on a 0 words a day streak! This is one streak I want to break ASAP. Today’s been a bit slow but I did spend this morning formatting a paperback. This evening I’m going to switch to writing and aim at that 2,000 words I want to reach.

I swear, it might be time to go back to coffee just so I don’t fall asleep sitting up (which I actually did last night). :o I wish I could go back to coffee—I’ve been craving it something fierce—but alas, I’m thinking I’m sleeping better since I quit it and I’m afraid to mess up a good thing now that I haven’t been feeling so fatigued.

Although, you wouldn’t know it from my recent word counts. I’m going to fix that this week though, seriously! Starting this evening. Aiming for 2k, won’t settle for less than 1k to start off a new daily writing streak.