0 words yesterday

I’m so sad. I broke my streak before it even got started. I wrote 0 words yesterday.

The only thing I have to say for myself is that I procrastinated well. I finished my taxes. :) Taxes are always a pain and it’s nice to have them done already. Also, school has been out the entire week for the kids, including today, so I’m calling this week a holiday.

Still gonna write today, but I don’t think I’ll be getting started this morning. This cold weather is killing my heat pump. It faulted out again last night, but this time I noticed the “low water temp” error. I checked yesterday’s message and it was the same. Luckily, like yesterday, the unit started working normally once I reset it.

The error is probably caused by the fact that the unit is putting cold water back into the well and drawing out water that’s gotten too cold. Getting a repair person out isn’t likely to help. The unit is sending out water that’s about 32° F according to the thermometer on the unit’s outgoing water line where it’s mixing with the 54° F ground water and likely lowering the water temperature in the well so that what’s coming out isn’t 54°.

Anyway, the outside temperature is about 10–15° higher today than yesterday, so that’s going to help. The unit has actually shut off a few times today. Yesterday, it shut off only once all day. I’m just glad the heater doesn’t seem to need a repair! I’ve had to deal with enough of that stuff already this year. Really!

And wow, I expect my electric bill will be high this month. The house stayed 66° F last night and the night before because of the backup heat strips in the unit. Ouch! but worth it. I spent my adolescence in a house with nothing but wood heat, where the wood stove was in the basement and intended to heat the entire house. There were a few times I spent my winter break from school down there reading in a folding chair beside the fire. :o Waking up in a frigid house is just more cold than I want to deal with these days and if that means a higher electric bill, so be it. :)

Anyway, besides that, I can’t type when my fingers get cold. ;)

Hopefully I’ll have a decent word count to post later tonight. I’m keeping the laptop charged so that if the power goes out in the predicted freezing rain we’ll be getting later, I can write anyway. :D