1,344 words yesterday

I would have updated last night but when I put things away I had still hoped to get back to it later. Alas, that never happened and I couldn’t be bothered to turn the computer back on just to write this post. :) So, here it is, a day late.

I’m happy that I seem to be progressing. Two days of numbers doesn’t make a pattern though so we’ll see how it goes today. I want to top yesterday’s 1,344 words but I’m getting an even later start today than yesterday, even though I certainly didn’t intend for that to happen. I actually woke up earlier today, but the weather’s bad and the cold taxed my poor geothermal heat pump to its limit last night. I woke up to a cool house and a “service needed” notification, and that, instead of writing, is what I spent my morning on.

Right now the heater’s working again, and I’m hopeful it will continue working. My luck lately though says it’ll conk out sometime tonight after dark, when the road will be too bad to travel, the air will be frigid, and the repair people too off-duty to come out. They’re about 45 minutes away from me and would have to cross a mountain to get here. Tonight’s forecasted low is 3° F. I don’t live here for this kind of weather. :o

Ah well. I can’t let this distract me today! I might procrastinate the writing to do my taxes and work on my paperbacks but I still intend to get that writing done sometime today. ;)