1,577 words this morning

I wrote 1,577 words this morning—but I almost didn’t. At 51 minutes left on the timer, I was only about 100 words from my projected minimum (1,084 words at 500 wph) and I thought seriously about quitting as soon as I hit it. I hadn’t made up my mind when I passed that number but I wasn’t paying close attention to the timer and the next time I stopped it, it was at 21 minutes. I decided to work on my last paragraph just a bit more and restarted it. Then at 10 minutes left, I was over 1,300 words and I was so close to giving up, but… I only had 10 minutes left after all so I managed to convince myself to persevere, so I doubled checked a plot issue that crosses over from the last book to this one and by the time the timer went off, I’d written another couple hundred words. Yay!

I enjoyed a successful morning and that’s even including a phone call from my sister. I really like talking to my family and I almost never turn them away. So… I just have to work around it.

I admit, 8:55 am to 12:50 pm for 2 hours and 10 minutes of writing isn’t exactly efficient, but it seems to be about the best I can do. :o I really should have started at 7:30 and this morning I’m not really sure why I didn’t. Oh well. I’m happy and I have a long break ahead of me regardless because 7:30 pm is still many hours away! Toodle-ooh. :D