Still having trouble with that evening session

I didn’t get back to my writing yesterday, despite knowing I really needed to. I’m not sure what’s going on. Well, scratch that, because I sat down last night with my computer at 7:45 (15 minutes later than planned) but my kids were in the room and they kept talking to me and I kept waiting to get started until they settled down for the evening, but they never did. One decided she needed to tell me all about her day after not telling me about her day from 4:30 to 7:45 when I actually asked, and the other decided he wanted supper after all and started cooking in the kitchen behind me (my downstairs floor plan is very open).

I told them their evening routine was going to have to change—no more cooking after 7:30 when bedtime is 9 to 10 because of school the next day (they’re actually back in school today!). My daughter wasn’t too keen on changing her routine to fit mine, until she realized the only thing I expected from her was for her not to interrupt me!

Then I went up to bed with my computer, intending to write there. But the bedtime routine sucked up all my time and by the time I settled in, I was sleepy and it was late and I needed to go to sleep if I wanted to be fresh today.

So, still working on a way to make the evening session happen. If I could just figure out how to actually get started at 7:30, that might be all I need.

Also, still not feeling the flu! I’m hopeful I skated past this one. :D