205 words today

I wrote only 205 words today, despite stopping only 25 minutes short on my morning session. Too much reworking old material instead of writing new, something I detailed in my post with yesterday’s word count.

Tomorrow, I stop letting myself stop my sessions short like this. I really should have finished it, and instead I watched too much tv, thinking I could think my way out of this if I just let my mind relax.

Yeah. That’s exactly how that works.*

Tomorrow. Seriously. I’m going to break the 2,167 word wall that seems to have sprung up in front of me sometime over the last two months. I haven’t had a 2,000 word day since January 3. It’s time to correct that.

Also, I want to watch more of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and Archer season 5 on Netflix, and I want to do it without feeling guilty. So, 2,167 tomorrow. Barring a dire emergency, count on it. :D