449 words yesterday

I wrote only 449 words yesterday. I came up an hour and twenty-one minutes short on my morning session, but I intended to get back to it after … well, let’s cut this story short and get to the point. I didn’t finish that one and never started the evening session.

I’m going to get better, I swear, but today wasn’t the day either. Sadly enough, those 449 words are more than I’ve managed today in twice the time. I only have 23 minutes left on my timer for this morning (it’s definitely not morning now) and I have only 205 words. I’m not even sure I’ll get more. I’d like to blame the time change, but the time change isn’t the problem. I’ve hardly noticed it this year.

I know what the problem is, or at least what’s messed up my writing for the last three days. I have no idea what’s going on in my story. I have a scene that I stopped in the middle of and I have a character in the middle of something but I don’t have any idea what the next move is. The next sentence isn’t coming to me so I spent the majority of the last two days (today particularly) revisiting previous scenes and going over old material, tweaking here and there.

That’s a waste of time, mostly, and I know it, but it’s about the only thing I feel capable of doing.

The day before yesterday I ended up over 1,000 words only because I skipped around and wrote a couple of bits out of order and that’s never a good thing for me, trust me. I’ll probably end up losing it all later anyway and if I don’t, it’ll hamstring me when I get to the point where I want to work it in and my pace will turn glacial as I try to make it work.

I need to write right past this blank spot. It’s the only real way to get my momentum back. I’ll agonize and mess with old stuff and act like writing is terribly difficult for a while and in the end, that’s exactly what I’ll do.

I think I’m just going to skip all that and go straight to writing my way out of this.


As for tonight, I might just go to bed. ;) Daylight Saving Time means 6 am tomorrow is going to feel awfully early.