2/5 of a successful day so far…

I’ve completed the first 2 x 50 minute sessions I planned to complete today (on the schedule I revised in my last post) and now it’s lunch time. I had an unexpected visitor that interrupted my second session and there’s just not enough time left to complete the third one I wanted to do before lunch.

So, although I’m hoping for a second successful day for my experiment, I’m only 2/5 of the way there at this moment.

Once I break away from my writing, making it back becomes a real trial, so today I’m going to need to be on my guard for the kinds of distractions that usually grab hold of me and won’t let go.

Anyway, I wrote 584 words in 1.67 hours, which kind of sucks, but most of that suckage came from the mere 85 words I got in the first 50 minutes. I spent way too much time going back over what I’d written in the last few paragraphs yesterday and essentially rewrote the whole thing trying to get it right so I could move on.

So 85 words in the first 50 minutes and 499 in the second. Hopefully I can keep that momentum when I come back after lunch. :)