I made a production schedule for 2015 (and screwed up my morning’s writing)

Boo. I started to write this morning and got distracted and created a production schedule for 2015. It’s no big deal, except for the fact that it completely threw off my morning writing and really, that was the main goal I had today, to get my writing started early and finished by lunch.


Anyway, I’m resetting myself and I’m about to start my sessions and I still plan to get 3 in before lunch. :) Then I’ll finish the other 2 right after and move on to other stuff I need to do, like prep those paperbacks I keep putting off. At this point, I actually need to finish them ASAP.

I like my production schedule though and I added those books to my list of WIPs in my spreadsheet (series notation, no titles yet for the majority of them) in the order I want to finish them. :)

If I can maintain a 2,000 word a day average and don’t go long on most of my books, I’ll complete 18 books this year, most of them novels. :D

Here’s to a happy and productive writing year in 2015.