5 Minute Sessions

I’ve been doing 5 minutes sessions this evening, and though it sounds weird to write in such short bursts, it’s really working for me. I’m on a record breaking pace (for me). :D Very excited!

Off to do more…

I’ll update later with results!

Update: I’m up to 1,266 words tonight, doing 5 minute sessions. So far my best session has been 165 words. I’m only going to do one more before I stop so I better make it good.

Well, that session wasn’t that great, and I’m ending the night at 1,360 words.

My overall average today came to 1,166 wph, which beats my previous recorded high of 1,155 wph. I did eight 5 minute sessions which together averaged out to a record breaking 1,430 words per hour. I had a session today where I wrote for a half hour without the timer counting down, and my pace dropped significantly.

This all came about because of the stuff I did Sunday, which I wrote about.

I’ll be doing this again tomorrow.

Same song too. I’ve had The Lumineers “Big Parade” on repeat and it’s really been working for me. I’ve had my best day since May 8.

I had to ditch the novella to get moving again. The frustration I’ve been dealing with over that book has been ridiculous and is probably to blame for most, if not all, of the last six months’ worth of writing woes.

I’ll revisit the novella each day after I finish my word counts for my other books and try to finish it, but I think I’m going to have to go back and delete everything after chapter three, maybe four, if I’m lucky—after I ditch chapter one and write a new one. That realization was when my frustration reached an all time high and I realized the only way to get rid of it was to accept that the novella is broken.

I guess I’m lucky that it’s the first one I’ve had that I couldn’t work out. Hey, I’m a discovery writer who outlines nothing, and this is the first book since I started that just hasn’t worked out. I can be happy about that. :)

All in all, a very good writing day. I just wish I’d gotten started sooner. :D