5 minutes is never just 5 minutes

That 5 minute break after my third session yesterday evening turned into several hours as I fought off a headache and fatigue (headache won). I ended up giving in and watching tv instead of finishing those last 2 sessions, but only after I convinced myself that I couldn’t think of my 951 words as a failure.

I can’t, but that doesn’t mean I was exactly right last night either. The whole point of having my goal be an average daily word count instead of a flat daily quota that I must meet is to give me some flexibility. The kids are still on their winter break and yesterday was a bit of a mess, schedule wise, because I made that production schedule instead of getting started writing so I could finish by lunch.

It wasn’t a bad day when I look at it like that.

I woke up with one side of my head completely stopped up, but other than a bit of a pressure headache under my right temple and around my eye, I don’t feel that bad. However, I’m not foolish enough to believe this isn’t likely to worsen as the day goes on and I start to get tired.

So, I’m going to get right to my writing this morning. Breakfast is over and I’m ready to go with my second cup of tea, some music for concentration, and determination to reach at least 2,500 words during my 5 x 50 minute sessions.