Back at it after two not so great days

There’s a reason I’m sticking with averages instead of a flat daily quota. :) After two not so great days, I’ve come back strong and the writing’s been going well today. Headache’s gone and I feel good, so maybe my immune system is kicking butt. That’d be nice after a couple of years where I felt like I was getting sick every time I turned around. :D

So far today, I’ve completed 4 x 50 minute sessions and written 1,862 words. I’ll be starting that last session shortly. My pace so far is 559 words an hour and that’s after a terrible first session, much like every other day’s first session these last few days.

And while I’m a bit behind my 2,000 a day average at the moment, all I need to do is beat my 2,000 a day goal by a little extra for a week or so and I can catch right up. And I’m still hoping for some 3,000 word days that I think I’ll get when I switch stories. This particular story just seems to be slower to write for some reason and nothing I do seems to speed up my pace.

Now onward to the next session so I can count this as an entirely successful day!