50 word challenge continued

As long as this little challenge is exciting me, I’m doing it again. Yesterday, I ended with fewer words than I wanted, but the deleting set me back and I never recovered. That particular story is moving a bit now but still feels too tight. Hopefully this challenge will continue to loosen it up.

So that I work on a slightly different arrangement of stories (in case I repeat yesterday and only make it through a few), I’m going to shuffle my list. :)

Of course, my most important story is still going to get 4 slots out of the 10 per 50 word cycle, meaning I’m actually only working on 7 stories.

Update #1: Holy crap, it’s 11:35 and all I’ve done so far today is add back a bunch of tags to this site to group related posts in a way that makes things easier to find. I must recharge my laptop battery or go sit at my desk and get to writing! I am terribly disappointed with myself at the moment. :o I mean, my schedule still exists, even though I seem to be in the middle of a rebellion against it. It’s still on my calendar though and I have no intention of deleting it because I have to believe I’ll come around sooner or later. It’s a great schedule. Even if it only worked for me for about 3 weeks. I’ve been trying use it since mid-April and it’s mid-September now. Oh. That’s a let down, seeing it in writing like that. It’s been 5 months. I hadn’t realized. Bummer. It’s probably not ever going to work for me long-term, is it?