A few fallow days but not done for

Here’s a bit of an accountability check-in: I’m falling behind on my 1,180,000 in 12 months goal. I didn’t do well with the writing on Tuesday, then Wednesday and Thursday I did no writing at all.

The school had some admin days and the kids had a four-day weekend. They returned to school Wednesday. I did okay, although not great, the first day, Saturday. I was still hanging on on Sunday. Monday I was finding it really hard to concentrate when I sat at the computer but I got lucky and got some words done really early that day, but the rest of Monday I gave up on and just worked on my tax return instead. By Tuesday I was completely off my routine—and getting back to it is the big challenge now.

Even the smallest of bumps in the road tend to throw me into a ditch. I’m attempting to climb out now, by writing this post and reminding myself that the embankment isn’t as high as it looks. It’s an illusion.

I’m now 19,402 words behind on my goal. The daily word count needed to catch up is still very close to my current goal: 3,233/3,286. It’s still a reasonable number! If I can reach 3,233 each day, I can reach 3,286—so I’m not giving up and I’m not going to reset my start date.

I’ll just keep trying to write four hours each and every day and plan for success.

Also, I’m going to work on limiting myself to reporting results instead of intentions.

Does that mean I shouldn’t post this? :o

Probably. Ah well. It’s already written so I’m posting anyway. :D