Too little writing but still better than average

Yesterday I found myself, again, with fewer hours of writing than I had planned or hoped for. I wrote for 2 hours and spent most of the rest of the day working on getting ready to do my taxes. :D

Yes, I had quite a bit of clean up of my accounting to take care of so I could reconcile my accounts and compare my numbers to the 1099s I received. As far as all of that goes, I tend to put it off until I have about 3 months to catch up and then I catch it all up at once. I don’t want this to be my method, but it’s definitely turned out that way. I took the time to schedule time into my calendar for this every month, so we’ll see how that goes in the next few months. :D Maybe well—I can certainly hope!

Today, I still need to reconcile the bank statements for those last few months of the year and then I can move on to actually starting the tax return. Yay. (That’s sarcasm, just so you know.) :D

As far as yesterday’s writing goes, here are the session logs I recorded.

Minutes Words Session WPH
44 540 540 736
65 1,602 1,062 980
11 1,885 283 1,544
120 Total minutes
1,885 Total words
943 Total WPH

I can blame some of this slow down on the fact that my kids have been home for a long weekend. They’re still here today, but I’m hoping to overcome that and get my 4 hours in anyway. :)

Well, it’s 8:08 and I don’t want to start any later than it already is, so I’ll be back later!*

*I’ve noticed on short days I tend to keep hoping I’ll make up the time and hit my goal and update then, but on days I finish, I update right away. That’s what I’m going for today. :)