A great first week of the schedule

The first full week of the schedule has gone great. I didn’t have any of the problems I expected and I wrote more than I thought I would. I also had my first tough day today, although only because I had such a terrible night’s sleep last night after I woke up with a headache before one and couldn’t get back to sleep until nearly four-thirty. I still managed to work for the majority of my time and ended the day with a better word count than my lowest day this week.

Gotta say, I’m thrilled at the success I had this week. I wrote 14,400 words and ended the first full week of the schedule with a daily average of 2,057 words.

This change in attitude has really made a difference in my work habits and given me back my enthusiasm for writing. I’m absolutely brimming over with the desire to write. :D

I think that change in attitude has been just as important as the lucky break I had when I picked my work times, not realizing I was choosing work times that were just different enough from those I’d tried in the past to make a difference. I’m so glad I didn’t let myself overthink that decision.