A Plan for a 5,000 Word Day (Success!)

So I made some detailed plans this morning on how to get to 5,000 words today.

There are a lot of things I need to practice if I’m going to up my game and be more prolific in the coming months and years. I won’t always need days like this, but I would like to have a few of them occasionally, and I would like to know if breaking the goal down into much, much smaller bits will help or hinder me. And that’s the reason for today’s experiment.

The Plan

10:40–11:40 (finished on time, did 8 sessions, reached 806 words)
11:50–12:50 (finished at 12:42, did 8 sessions, reached 809 words)
1:00–2:00 (finished at 2:11, did 9 sessions, reached 797 words)
4:00–5:00 (finished at 5:05, did 8 sessions, reached 495 words) (my momentum was shot after my break and I just ran out of time to recover)
6:10–7:10 (finished on time, did 9 sessions, reached 841 words) (also I switched to work on a different story)
7:20–8:20 (finished on time, did 8 sessions, reached 817 words) (only 435 to go!)
8:30–9:30 (finished at 9:07, did 5 sessions, reached 527 words) (holy crap, I did it!)

For each hour I have a goal of reaching 725 words. To start with I’m going to do ten 5 minute sessions per hour, with a goal of maintaining an average of 73 words for those 5 minute sessions.

If that works out well, I would also like to try focused writing for an hour at a time, where my goal remains to keep my fingers moving and the words flowing.

Well, time’s here to get started, so I’ll update at the end of my first hour or my first 725 words.

Also, I needed to take some extra time after 5:00, so I made a bit of an adjustment to my last three session start times.

I can’t believe I did this today. I’m thrilled that I reached my goal. I’m also a little bit flabbergasted considering I have no idea why today was different from any other day. But it most certainly was.

Now, off to relax so I don’t go to bed exhausted. :D This has been an amazing day. I wrote 5,092 words in 4.58 hours of timed writing in 5 minute sessions.