Tomorrow I resume the challenge to reach 6000 words in a day

Today I haven’t written any fiction. I have a daily writing streak I could keep alive by writing something now, but I don’t think I’m going to. I might, when I finish writing this post, go write a little something, but I might not. I’m tired and I’m not really seeing the need. Tomorrow IContinue reading “Tomorrow I resume the challenge to reach 6000 words in a day”

Giving up on the dream—but only for today (challenge update)

I’ll have to try again tomorrow to break through the 6,000 word ceiling I seem to have. Although admittedly, it felt more like a 1,000 word ceiling today! I logged about 7 solid hours of writing (sans interruptions, breaks, etc) and still have only managed to reach 1,495 words for the day. I’ll continue writingContinue reading “Giving up on the dream—but only for today (challenge update)”

Failure in May wasn’t as bad as it feels

I didn’t write but 1/3 of what I wanted to write in May, but in the end, when I looked harder at the numbers, I discovered it wasn’t as bad a failure as it feels. May’s word count comes in at 35,296. Only 7 months out of 46 have been higher. May was my 47th monthContinue reading “Failure in May wasn’t as bad as it feels”

Multiple stories at once: fifth week

Thursday—Wednesday, May 5–May 11 701 1 story 1,656 1 story 747 2 stories 256 1 story 1,613 1 story 3,728 2 stories 2,581 1 story Total = 11,282 words I didn’t feel like I was writing multiple stories this week, probably because I’ve been panicking a bit about a book I’m trying to finish (which isContinue reading “Multiple stories at once: fifth week”

Multiple stories at once: fourth week

Thursday—Wednesday, April 28–May 4 2,260 2 stories 3,228 2 stories 1,439 1 story 1,009 2 stories 595 2 stories 2,330 3 stories 1,087 2 stories Total: 11,948 Definitely under where I’d like to be, but it still works out to a daily average of 1,707 words which is considerably better than my 2016 daily average ofContinue reading “Multiple stories at once: fourth week”

Multiple stories at once: third week

Thursday—Wednesday, April 21–27 245 (4 stories) (was not a writing day, just inputting error corrections after a read through) 2,245 (1 story) 2,863 (1 story) 149 (3 stories) 2,831 (2 stories) 4,858 (1 story) 3,736 (2 stories) Total: 16,927 words. It was a good week—really good, in all honesty, but I didn’t really come close to myContinue reading “Multiple stories at once: third week”

No plan today: I’m already there

I decided last night that I needed to focus on writing about results instead of intentions, thinking that would mean I’d have a better chance of getting started on time this morning and staying on schedule. That didn’t exactly work, although I did manage to get my 3 hours before lunch and get my lastContinue reading “No plan today: I’m already there”

Trying today to write more than 5,221 words

I’m going to try again today to break my new one-day word count record. :) I didn’t do well with that challenge on Sunday, ending the day early with only 535 words. Today I expect better. But first I have to get off the WIFI and get started, so I’ll be back later with details.Continue reading “Trying today to write more than 5,221 words”

Breaking my one-day word count record—attempt #3

Success! I’m writing this in Evernote today so I can have the accountability without the WIFI. ;) I need accountability. FYI: This turned out to be one long log! TMI warning! 8:02 am— Starting with a 50 minute timed session of writing. Playlist is playing. Book doc is open. And yes, I’m still working inContinue reading “Breaking my one-day word count record—attempt #3”