Bad habits developing

I’m on pace for 1,090 wph right now. Sounds great, huh? It isn’t that great. That’s for 18 minutes of writing out of 2 hours and 10 minutes.


I’m not supposed to have WIFI access right now. I’m supposed to have it turned off while I’m doing my morning writing. I didn’t turn it off when I should have and now… well, now I’m updating posts, posting to my author site, and just generally using it to distract myself.

Since I’m trying to get my challenge off the ground today, I need to fully finish this morning’s writing session before I have to stop for some non-writing stuff that I can’t get out of doing today. If I’m behind after that’s done, I won’t catch up. There just won’t be enough time in the day without sacrificing sleep time and I can’t do that without risking tomorrow’s writing.

So, I’m going to have to take corrective action on these developing bad habits. WIFI must stay off during writing time.

And that’s my cue to post this and shut off my WIFI access until I get this morning’s writing finished. I have an hour and 52 minutes to go—unless I can hang onto that 1,090 wph pace. ;) That’d be a really nice start to today.