Nope, challenge is a no-go

I felt a ton of resistance to writing yesterday and today, and I blame it 100% on the challenge. I have a good thing going with the new routine of morning and evening writing and I’ve decided I’m not going to mess it up right now. I can get close enough to the date I’d like to finish this current book just by sticking with my minimum (doing both the morning and evening sessions) so that’s what I’m going to do. I just don’t want to risk ruining a good thing.

And honestly, I don’t mind failing if I’ve learned something, and I think I have. I’ve learned that I do my best writing when I don’t feel like it’s work I’m doing and that having my day free is one way to make myself feel like I’m not working. :D

So, this challenge/experiment is over, and here shortly I’m going to try to finish off the day with what I hope will be my first successful attempt at completing an evening session. :)