Blogging my progress today

I want to beat my current one-day word count record—and get a few other things done today too. So to help myself stay on task, I’ll be blogging my progress today. :D

Here goes. 10:30 am. I’m getting started with a 50 minute timed session.

Current stats at 12:55 pm:

93 Total minutes
840 Total words
542 Total WPH
1.55 Hours completed
6.860595238 Hours to finish

(I really miss the ability to paste in a table from Excel!)

And here it is 7:14 pm and I haven’t written another word yet. I had to stop for lunch, family was home, I needed a nap, had to Christmas shop, then more Christmas shopping, then thought I could get back to writing but it was meal time again, and finally here I am. Unfortunately, I have to stop at 10 pm at the latest because I have plans tomorrow. I also won’t be likely to get any writing done, and I am fighting a serious case of “I’m ready to give up and just try this again on Thursday instead of fighting today and tomorrow to get going again” but I’m not going to let that attitude win.

I’m going to get back to writing until 10 pm and I’m going to make a point of writing at least 1,000 words tomorrow no matter what I have to do to get them done.

Also, starting Thursday, I’m going to do my first Book in 7 Days Challenge. It’ll be a little bit of a cheat since I do already have about 10k words written on this book, but it’s going to be a great experiment. The reason I’m planning it is because I want to finish this book before Christmas. And if I can’t do it, I want to be able to say I worked like a maniac trying.

So, here I go. I’m going to set the timer for 60 minutes, which’ll put me breaking at 8:30 pm. Be back then.

I’ve managed a few more sessions, shorter than I’d have liked them to be and at 10:47, it’s still later than I wanted to end the night.

Here are my ending stats for the day:

178 Total minutes
1,256 Total words
423 Total WPH
2.966666667 Hours completed

Tomorrow is a day off, but I’m still planning to get in that 1,000 words. I’m at a place now where I should be able to pick up speed. No more writing through scenes I’d already written, replacing what was there with new stuff and deleting what I didn’t replace. It’s pretty much all new stuff from here on. At least until I hit another wall. ;)