It’s been a disappointing few days for writing

Today is the 18th. I still have Christmas shopping to do. I really am a last minute shopper. Unfortunately, I’ve also been unable/unwilling to do the writing I need to do this month too. I have reasons, but I’m not really pleased with myself about them. They’re legitimate, when I think objectively about them, but they don’t feel legitimate. It’s that emotion versus rationality thing. Humans aren’t rational beings, and I am human. ;)

But . . . I’m going to have a few days to myself now, and I’m really hoping I can get back on track.

Today, however, might be a lost cause. I’m hoping to get something written, but I’m running out of steam fast and the night has come much more quickly than I expected. So… I’ll be back tomorrow to get moving on this book and maybe try for a word count record again. See you then. :)