Breaking my one-day word count record—attempt #1

Today I try again to break my new one-day word count record. The target is 5,221 words and I’d like to smash it, really. If not, then I’ll settle for 5,222. :D

I have a chicken/egg dilemma: I’ve been having a lot more thoughts and breakthroughs with the story since I started writing at an accelerated pace. I had not been having much luck beforehand. I can’t say for sure which came first though. Was I primed to start writing faster because I’d started to become more energized about the story, or did I become more energized about the story because I started pushing myself to write more?

Ah. It’s an unanswerable question as of yet, though I lean toward the idea that writing more generates its own momentum and inspiration. I’ll go with that and use it as a reminder to keep going even when it feels like I’ve outrun the story. That’s happened a few times, but I’ve kept at it and seen decent results.

On the other hand, I freely admit I think everyone’s going to hate this book, and it is by far not my strongest work. I persevere anyway!


I wrote 535 words. I blame a headache. (It started on Friday and I blame it for both of the two unexpected days off I had, Friday and Sunday—Saturday was an expected day off.)

Luckily, the headache finally went away Monday and I got a really good start to the week.