Work Diary for November 9, 2015*

Today I plan to write a lot of words. Not hope, or will try, but absolutely plan to. I will push myself to get more if I slow down too much, and the story will come together.

I want to finish this book asap so I can write a few others I want to write before the end of the year.

Today’s plan: write in whatever sized sessions I want, and get lots of words, with an aim for hitting 1k wph as often as possible today!

So last night I realized I have a BIG plot hole to fix. So, doing that now before I start…

Plot hole resolved! Yes. Whew. Now, to move on and start writing today!

Time sure does move fast when you’re having fun. My first 20 minute session was over in the blink of an eye. Here’s hoping this means my plans for the day are going to come to fruition. I wrote at a pace of 945 wph and now I’m ready to get started again.

I’ll probably save the next update for my lunch break.

I had lunch, and a short nap. I do believe I need more naps in the winter. I feel better than I did right after lunch and I’m hoping it shows in my writing speed.

I do believe I’ve been overwriting though. I notice my speed on one of my stories is ridiculously fast compared to my writing for this particular series. Yes, they’re different kinds of books, but I think I’m overthinking and overwriting these books. I go into way too much detail trying to hit the right notes. The writing for my other series seems to go a lot faster and I usually reach much higher wph numbers without as much effort. Time to work on that. I want to write these books faster. But I don’t think I can change the feel of the stories or I risk changing them too much. So we’ll see.

I’m at 2,000 even for the day. I need 2,558. I did those 2,000 in just over 3 hours. I can write 4 more hours and reach my goal. If I can write more, I might break my new record. That’d be nice, but it’s not a requirement for success today. I’m just trying to finish this book in the next 3 days.

Minutes Words Session WPH
20 315 315 945
20 583 268 804
10 594 11 66
40 950 356 534
33 1,297 347 631
60 2,000 703 703

I’m resetting my “goal” so that it appears smaller this evening so I’m posting my numbers for the morning before I delete them.

183 Total minutes 4.91355 Hours to finish
2,000 Total words
656 Total WPH 3.05 Hours completed

I’m very close to my goal. I’m going to finish it without the timer because I need to get it done quickly so I can go to sleep early enough to get a good night’s sleep.

Minutes Words Session WPH
60 582 582 582
60 1,354 772 772
60 1,974 620 620
180 Total minutes 0.887538 Hours to finish
1,974 Total words
658 Total WPH 3 Hours completed

That puts me at 3974 today so far, so just over 500 words to go.

I ended the night with 4,149 words. Not bad, but I’m still falling short of my goal. I’m just going to keep trying.

*Written in Evernote and posted after the fact so the WIFI wouldn’t become an issue! What is it they say about temptation? Paraphrased, I think it’s something like this: Stay away from it! ;)