Daily Writing Streak—Day 4 Summary

Update: 1,299 words! Yay! Not great as far as WPH, but at least I didn’t end the day with <100 again. :D The majority of those words were for my 2014 novella #1.

It’s Sunday! Yes, lately I always seem to screw up Saturday and then try to do better on Sunday.

So that’s the plan today. Do better.

I’m supposed to be following my routine but here it is 12:25 PM and I’ve napped (yes! I did! At 8:20–9 AM!). I’ve visited a few forums. I’ve called my mother (and talked for a very long time). I’ve read a few other forums. And blogs. And looked at sales reports.

What I haven’t done is sit down and write.

I’m going to go ahead and try to stick to my routine, hoping that as I add more activity to my day, my fatigue will ease up and I’ll feel more like getting started in the mornings. If that doesn’t work after a few days to a week, I’ll rearrange some stuff so that I can just do my writing in the afternoons.

For today, though, I’ll be revisiting the writing at 2 PM when I’m supposed to do publishing stuff and reading, and write until 6 PM, because I must get in 4 hours of writing today or I owe someone some money. :D Because yeah, I made a bet I could get in my 4 hours today.